Thank you Anne,
I couldn't have been more thrilled with the girls! They stepped it up in all aspects. It’s a delight to see the growth with all artists from first day of rehearsal and (not knowing what to expect) to the final show. And your dancers were no exception. Growth in both artistic presentation and professional! BRAVO! When we produce this type of show again I will most definitely call you and we can collaborate once again. You have a lot to be proud of! Congratulations.
Most sincerely,
David Hogan
Co-Artistic Director
Victoria Playhouse Petrolia

"I so enjoyed the "Twelve Days of Celtic Christmas Show" on Sunday........ Shayne's Aunt came and loved it, I am sure it brought back memories for her as well as watching her niece perform with the same teacher she had as well......"

"I have nothing but the best memories of my dancing in Ontario and it is something I hop my girls and my dancers are getting with me now. You were the best teacher and I was lucky to have you as my teacher and I try to remember some things that you always did for us when teaching and Use it myself. I try to do all the fun things as well and that is all from your dance school so Thank you for all of my great memories and helping me strive to be the teacher you were to me."

"Greetings Anne from Texas!!! Congratulations of 45 wonderful years of teaching!!! A Highly Commended with Honours to you and all the Sutherland dancers over the past 45 years..... so many great dancers and parents along the way. Wishing you many more wonderful years in the future. Anne, I am privileged to call you a fellow colleague and friend!"

Forty-five years teaching celebration "Many heartfelt kudos to you!!!"

"Congratulations Anne, in reaching 45 years of teaching highland dancing - quite an accomplishment! I'm sure there are many parents and dancers like my daughters and me who have very happy memories of our time at the Sutherland School of Highland Dancing. When we moved to Calgary, we certainly missed all the friends we made and all the trips we went on - the competition was just an excuse to have a nice holiday with people who were a lot of fun. I wish I could be at the ceilidh as it would be nice to spend time with some of the people who were such a gig part of our lives in London. Please let them know that we think about you and them often. We were fortunate to have such a wonderful teacher and be part of a really good dancing studio. Wishing you many more years of highland dancing involvement."

"Anne Congratulations, you have been a major influencer in both my children's lives and I cannot thank you enough for all the wonderful experiences they had as a result of being a Sutherland Dancer."

"Congratulations on all your achievements WOW!!!"

"Congratualtions on 45 years! You have greatly impacted the Highland Dancing community. You are a wonderful Teacher, Judge, and Examiner."